Nanny2Go was created and established by parents who understand the problems of travelling and spending quality time with kids, while trying to combine quality time as a couple
Anat Arnon, Funder and mom
20 years of finance and managment exprience
B.A - Economic & Business
B.A- Psychology, HR & Philosophy
L,L.M - Law for business
As a mother, I was looking for a solution to continue my travel days as a family, but without the pressure and compromise involved ..
I understood that many families give up their annual vacation with the children, and choose to travel to a nearby place or not to travel at all. I could not accept the fact that there was no solution and so I started to establish Nanny2go, who mediated between families on a trip, with Nannis at the destination of the trip.

The idea was, to find a reliable Nanny, who lives at the destination of the trip, and speaks the language of the children, and at the same time, pay a reasonable price.
After a personal experience, I discovered that I could enjoy the vacation while my child was not far from me, but was treated by a responsible nanny. I found that traveling with children can be easy and fun.
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